Stofer + Wildgruber

Veronika Wildgruber

Veronika Wildrguber approaches design through materials. Craftsmanship and the manufacturing process inspire her. She describes her work as “simple and surprising”. After her studies in product design at the Faculty of Design and Arts in Bolzano, Italy, she proceeded to Paris. There she collaborated with renowned design studios such as Gabriele Pezzini, Pierre Charpin and Robert Stadler. At the same time Veronika started implementing her own ideas of products and interior design.


Her work has been exhibited around the world, and was awarded the Silmo d`Or in 2010 and the IF Product Design Award 2011. In 2010 her Studio for interior and product design moved from London to the new location in Berlin.  She is currently working with galleries in São Paolo, Chicago and London.  Veronika is the art director of Jacques Durand Occhiali and the head of Veronika Wildgruber Eyewear.


SusaNNE Stofer 

Born in Munich, she studied at the Free University Bolzano (Italy) in the faculty for design and arts. With her training as an advertising consultant, her experience in model making businesses and joineries and her work in product design studios in Munich, Cologne, Bad Tölz and Paris, she founded her own company "Stofer und Hartjen" in Munich in 2009.







Four Y-shaped coat hooks move up and down on the cord of the wardrobe. When clothes are hung on, they instantly fix in position. The polyamide rope is connected to a ceiling hook or the wall mount and is hanging down, straightened by a solid metal weight.