Patrick Nadeau

'I have studied the fascinating world of plants for many years'.

In my work as a designer, I integrate the material or "plant" medium into projects in the fields of architecture, interior design and (small-scale) product design. 

It then seemed logical to expand my approach to the realm of industrially manufactured products. Thanks to the open and creative attitude of the company Authentics, I was able to do so. In my opinion, Elmar H. Flötotto's company uses extremely high design standards to create objects for complex everyday life that appeal because of their appropriateness.

My personal contribution to this was making the URBAN GARDEN collection of user-friendly, soft plant holders using the innovative know-how of the company Authentics in the field of textiles. This meant that the project "grew" in a completely natural way.


Patrick Nadeau is a trained product designer and state-certified architect. He lives and works in Paris. Following his studies, he was supported in various projects by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (branch of the French Ministry of Culture that is responsible for art and design) and VIA (foundation for the French furniture industry). On the initiative of the French Ministry of Culture, Patrick Nadeau undertook a one-year study trip to Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, Japan, in 1996. There, he began to intensively study contemporary garden design.

In 1997, Patrick Nadeau founded his own interdisciplinary company that tackles projects in the fields of architecture, design and environment/garden design. His customers include: Boffi, Hermès, Kenzo Parfums, Louis Vuitton, Festival des Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire (annual exhibition for contemporary garden design), die Stadt Rennes, Les Salines Royales d’Arc et Senans. For the social housing authorities in Reims, he designed a single-family home with a fully planted roof. 

Patrick Nadeau has worked with the following companies to develop new materials: Lafarge-ciment-Ductal (Zement), Saint-Gobain glass (Glas), Salviati, Daum, la Fédération Française des Dentelles et Broderies (French embroidery association).




The textile planting system offers an entire spectrum of new possibilities for integrating plants into interior design - at home, in the lobby and in the office. The versatile systems do not require any saucers or planters. They are filled with water retaining clay granulate that prevents waterlogging and releases an even amount of moisture. The result is a notable reduction in watering. A special fleece takes the plants including their root balls.


This makes URBAN GARDEN suitable for all indoor plants, such as herbs, f lowers and house plants, including those that were already planted in conventional soil. Low maintenance, clean, mobile.