Monika Lipken

Monika was raised and educated in Germany, studied in Paris and is now living in London.

She draws inspiration from inner imagery, pursuing clarity and upliftment. Monika investigates cutting edge thought, thus exploring the frontiers of language, sound, geometry, biology, consciousness, cosmology and modern physics. Her current works involves recorded narrative set to sound, often combined in an installation.


The Eggo light, for example, emanates the calm of a luminous red room as the walls seem to gently arch inwards. This sensation might mirror the notion of a mother's 'holding' - a technique to emotional and psychological well-being.


Born into a family of engineers and inventors, Monika has an innate reverence for the dynamics of electricity and light. Trained as a ballet dancer initially, looking into a bright, blinding projector on stage for the first time, she recognized her calling.


Her continual fascination with all phenomena relating to light extends to rays and vibration. She is excited about the idea that our thoughts might be viewed as sound preceding matter. This moment now may well contain everything that ever was.


Life is amazing, bask in the beauty.




Shimmering white, like the moon: The textured surface of this intriguing floor lamp refracts light with multiple facets, infusing it with a distinctive presence. Owing to its space-saving, elliptical shape, it can be placed close to walls or on narrow sideboards.


Made of sturdy polyethylene. Available in three sizes. For indoor and outdoor use.