jehs + laub

Markus Jehs (born in 1965 in Stuttgart) and Jürgen Laub (born in 1964 in Ulm) have met each other during the academic studies of industrial design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmuend‘ and became friends after an internship in New York in 1990.


After they graduated in 1992 they set up jehs + laub in 1994. From that time on they started to design furniture and lamps for Italian companies, such as Cassina, Ycami and Nemo.Year by year they expanded the cooperation with international brands like Cassina, Fritz Hansen, Knoll international, Authentics, Renz, Stelton, Davis, Schönbuch, Cor and Wilkhahn.


For Mercedes-Benz they designed the master concept of the worldwide showrooms, numerous interior designs and exhibitions, such as the ‚suite 606‘ at the world famous Icehotel in North Sweden. jehs+laub won many international awards, their projects have been shown in numerous exhibitions and they give lectures all over the world.



The archetypal shape is reminiscent of the ovalround metal hot-water bottles of bygone days. PILL is made of a heat-resistant, rubber-like plastic that can be easily and safely filled with the pull-out funnel. 


The screw-on nylon cap with handy cross closes the bottle easily and reliably. The funnel is simply pushed into the hot-water bottle and is completely concealed.



„Come in! “ is what you normally say to guests who have made their way to your door. But before you can even say anything, he or she will already have made an initial impression that is likely to stick in the mind.


With ENTRANCE, jehs + laub have focused on the special features of the entrance door. All models have a clear design language. The continuous use of high-quality and robust aluminium is sophisticated, stylish and unites both form and function.