Benjamin Hopf and Constantin Wortmann founded the design studio "Hopf & Wortmann, Büro für Form" in 1999. They focused on interior, industrial, furniture and lighting design. They worked for numerous international clients – including repeatedly for next. They have created lights such as Liquid_Light and DNA. As part of their work at Büro für Form, they were honoured with several international design awards.


At the end of 2006, Benjamin Hopf left the Büro für Form after several years' collaboration and founded his own design office "Benjamin Hopf Industrial Design".


Constantin Wortmann continues to manage the Büro für Form, now called "Constantin Wortmann, Büro für Form".



stand up

The sculptural floor lamp made of white polyethylene is shaped like an oversized drop. It stands there stoically, seemingly immovable, that is until it is nudged. Then it leans over for a split second and swings itself upright and back into place.


Its rounded bottom conceals a seven kg weight. This lifts the 160 centimetre tall luminary from every angle back to its vertical starting position.