Heinz Klein

Born in 1944 in Troisdorf-Sieglar, Germany

Painter, musician, author, designer


Professional career

Art school and studies in marketing

Self-employed since 1971 with own office for interior design and other types of design. Exclusive furnishings across Europe. Successful designs for furniture, furniture systems and lamps for top international firms in the furnishing industry. Various design prizes.


Creator of the world-famous decorative lamp "LUMIBÄR" (1995). This cult figure was a popular figure and mascot of the city of Troisdorf in Germany for many years.




This bear has made it. His life is one long success story. Lumibär became a glowing trendsetter years ago when it triggered a real boom. Nothing has changed since then. No other lamp lights up as many living rooms and children‘s rooms as the friendly, original Lumibär from Gütersloh - Germany.