Designer and professor of product design at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe.


Hans Maier-Aichen (born 1940) studied painting and sculpture in Germany, France and the USA. He founded the design brand AUTHENTICS in 1983, thereby setting new standards in the development and production of everyday objects with high expectations of design. Numerous awards are testament to his success.


In addition to many other publications, he was on the advisory board for the publication "Spoon, 100 international designers",  Phaidon Press, London.



The durable shopping bag made of semi-flexible polyethylene is watertight and stackable. It can easily be rinsed out and cleaned, which makes it ideal for use as a virtually indestructible beach and casual tote bag.


At the office it transports your files and documents comfortably and casually. Perfect as a sleek, portable wastebasket.




The cylindrical waste bin impresses with its simple elegance. It is comprised of thick-walled polypropylene and holds 20 litres. Waste bin liners are held securely in place by the removable ring attachment. 


Overhanging liner edges disappear behind the rim. Thus, the clarity of the shape is undisturbed.




Elliptical wastepaper bin made of high grade plastic. Due to its narrow cross-section it fits particularly well beneath desks or work-surfaces. Thus, there is always enough room - even for outstretched legs.





Often in life it is the small things that make a big dif ference. Even the kitchen and table thrive on clever accessories that are as diverse and individualised as the situations for which they were designed. „Cooking and Dining“ is a compilation of extraordinary individual pieces.