Vogt & Weizenegger combine design with the aim of enabling a new take on things that already exist and illuminating all factors of a design project so that the impossible becomes possible. They wanted to develop products and systems that appeal because of their holistic approach. Vogt & Weizenegger's tools of the trade are the classic fields of design such as industrial, graphic and interior design. 


V + W enjoy a global reputation as designers that goes far beyond the small design scene. The focal point of their work is the idea of a systemic design approach that not only creates objects, but also contexts. A specific area of their work has led to the launch of design networks and platforms for collective work. 

The designers and conceptualists Hermann Weizenegger and Oliver Vogt ended their collaboration at the end of 2008. The two had managed the Berlin design studio Vogt + Weizenegger (V + W) together for 16 years. Weizenegger has taught at FH Potsdam since 2004 and Vogt has been professor at the Kunsthochschule Kassel since 2006. 





The idea of everyday products that meet high standards of design and quality but are reasonably priced, has always been the fundamental principle behind the Authentics brand; plastic is the material that makes realisation of this possible.


The latest edition of the BASICS products makes the awardwinning Authentics icons available once again. Pristine white, translucent polypropylene in archetypal shapes: quintessential , functional, long-lasting.



Glass pendant light that can be hung pure or with a coloured polypropylene cover, depending on your mood. Use the slitted coloured ring shades to dress or undress the glass body quickly and easily. Includes three coloured shades.