Nitzan Cohen

Nitzan Cohen, born in Israel in 1973, studied applied arts at the Avni Art Academy in Tel Aviv and has a Bachelor's degree in industrial design from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Holland.


The Studio Nitzan Cohen, founded at the start of 2007, covers a wide spectrum of furniture, industrial, exhibition and interior design as well as corporate and communication consultancy.


After many years as a project manager at Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design, Nitzan Cohen and his studio have made a name for themselves primarily through the combination of research-oriented concept design and the ability to translate this into a new visual language, new objects and spaces.




Pots and saucers have long been used as highly effective watering systems for kitchen herbs. Nitzan Cohen has used this idea to create a beautiful looking unit.


Green is compatible with all standard pot sizes and functions in accordance with the known principle that even unconventional watering systems will do the job nicely. Green is made from PP, a sturdy material designed to prevent the unit falling over, and is available in a wide range of colours.