Martí Guixé

Trained as an interior designer and industrial designer in Barcelona and Milan. In 1994, when he was working part-time in Seoul as an academic advisor for design while living in Berlin, he developed a new understanding of the culture of products. 

In 1997, Guixé began to exhibit his works; these highlighted his search for new product systems, the influence of design on the food industry and his way of presenting objects as a form of performance. His unconventional view has delivered brilliant, simple ideas of striking sincerity (unique importance). 

He lives in both Barcelona and Berlin and is an ex-designer for companies such as Authentics, Camper, Cha-cha, Chupa-Chups, Desigual, Droog Design, Essencial mediterraneo, Imaginarium, Isee2, Pure Lustre, Saporiti.


Publications: Marti Guixé 1:1, 010 publishers Rotterdam (ISBN 90 6450 441 5) and Martí Guixé Cook book, Imschoot Publishers (ISBN 9077362045). Exhibitions at MoMA (New York), MuDAC (Lausanne), MACBA (Barcelona) and Centre Pompidou (Paris).




ROLLBAGs are bags constructed of durable fabric with an inner coating. Fi l led with snacks, swimming trunks, shoes or cosmetics they can be - like a paper bag - rolled up to the appropriate size.


The stitched on hookand loop fastener keeps them tightly closed. Their simple shape and sound craf tsmanship makes them long-lasting and very versatile.