Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic was born in Munich in 1965. Following his training as a cabinet maker at Parnham College in England, he studied design at the Royal College of Art in London. A short time later he was working as a designer in Jasper Morrison's studio.


In 1991, Grcic founded his own studio "Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design" in Munich and designed furniture, objects and lights for renowned manufacturers such as Flötotto, Authentics, Driade, Flos, Vitra and Magis. The products appeal thanks to a simple design that is reduced to the essentials and which also has the effect of seeming a little headstrong at the same time. In contrast to the temporary fad that is minimalism, Grcic's concepts are successful thanks to a level of functionality that is defined by people's needs and which appeal with their ingenious and humorous view of formality and severity.


Many of his works have been awarded coveted prizes. In 2001, his multi-purpose light "Mayday", which he designed for Flos, won the Compasso d'Oro and was also incorporated into the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

"Konstantin Grcic designs industrial products that are often described as essential, plain and minimalistic. He himself prefers the term simplicity."




The award-winning foot pedal waste bin TIP by Konstantin Grcic needs no inner bin. The entire mechanics are attached to the outside of the bin. A gentle tip with your foot suf f ices to set the smooth-running lid mechanism in motion. A strong metal stirrup serves as foot pedal.


TIP is especially steady. The lid closes tightly and precisely. A removable ring holds the bin liner in place and conceals any possible protruding liner edges. Made of hard-wearing, easy-to-clean polypropylene. Available in three sizes and a wide range of colours.




As a trolley in the office, for larder supplies and dishtowels in the kitchen, for nappies and hand towels in the bathroom or for toys in the children‘s room, this award-winning furniture ensures order everywhere.


The light-footed GO is made of a sturdy chromium frame, three wide and remarkably deep drawers made of solid polypropylene and a dual-divided tray attachment.




The polystyrene wastepaper bin designed by Konstantin Grcic joins the basic geometric shapes of circles and squares together. A notch serves as a sturdy handle for carrying. Also works well as a planter for plants.




White porcelain double bowl is ideal for serving dips, snacks or fresh herbs. Dishwasher safe.



2HANDS impresses with its extremely minimalist shape and exceptional functionality. It harkens back to the archetypal form of wicker baskets and wooden washtubs, defined with its material but with a totally new spectrum of uses: in the garden for wood or leaves, in the house for laundry, toys or as a wash basin.



Don‘t be fooled by its name – the thick-walled plastic bucket H2O is not only used for wet tasks. With its archetypal shape it is useful all over the place, wherever orderlinessis in danger: as a quick catchall in the children‘s room, as a classic mop bucket, for soiled laundry or as a waste bin. During all these activities its convenient steel handle rests comfortably in your hand.



In different places – whether the kitchen or office, cafeteria or bathroom – waste is compiled differently. For this reason, the flexible waste system TOP can be adapted to the specific needs of individual rooms. It is comprised of any number of individual containers, that can be easily affixed to the wall or joined together with an adapter piece on the floor.