Jean Marie Massaud

After graduating from the ENSCI in 1990, Jean-Marie Massaud has run a quest for synthesis, reduction and lightness since his first intuitions. He has worked in all kinds of design fields, from furniture to industrial products and equipment.


In 2000, he founded Studio Massaud and expanded his expertise to architecture and brand development. He collaborates with various brands, such as B&B Italia, Axor Hansgrohe, Dior, Poltrona Frau, Lancôme, and Renault.


Denying trend and fashion, Jean-Marie prefers questioning the existing, working out on progress and eventually proposing answers to contemporary stakes. It is this symbiosis between man, his creations and his natural environment, that Jean-Marie Massaud strives to reach, as a catalyst to innovation, as an economic model, and as a life project.

Design must reconcile desires with responsibilities. It is no longer about consumption, but rather about investment into quality, competences and therefore into sustainability



The minimalist table mill made of white polypropylene is equipped with an extremely robust, adjustable ceramic grinder and is just as well suited for pepper and spices as for salt. It can be filled through an opening in the side without having to open and close the mill.