Christina Schäfer

‘Design should always develop, never stop, but also consider staying authentic. Enjoyment of design should never forget the responsibility we have to our earth.’

Christina Schäfer was born in Herdecke in 1980 but lives and works in Milan. She studied graphics and product design at FH Münster and IED in Milan where she completed her Masters in Industrial Design in 2005.


Her motto: design should be functional, in line with aesthetic principles and realised using the right materials. There are probably thousands of solutions for a problem, but which is the right one? One that promises optimal function, a broad-ranging area of application, that produces the least waste, is environmentally friendly and meets customer wishes.


She has worked for international customers in the fields of product design and architecture since 2006. EIKO, which was designed by Christina Schäfer, was awarded the Design Plus in 2006.




„Every day is like Sunday“ with the colourful set of four for the breakfast table: Egg cooking cup, egg spoon, salt and pepper pots all made of high gloss polycarbonate match the coloured crockery and create lively accents against a table set in white.


Moreover : the egg cooking cups can easily be hung in nearly any pot for cooking.