Write to us if you are interested in being part of our team!

In addition to Flötotto, Authentics (www.authentics.de) and Soft Seating (www.sittingbull.de) are also part of the Flötotto Interior Group.


We have three locations in Germany: we make our furniture systems in the Westenholz area of Delbrück, our administrative headquarters are located in Gütersloh and our showroom can be found in the Varensell area of Rietberg.


We have a total of 40 highly motivated employees in our team who work on ensuring an innovative future for our company.


Send your application only by post. Even if no vacancies are listed online, we are always interested in people who can help us to achieve great things.



Flötotto Systemmöbel GmbH

Personnel department

Mr Frederik Flötotto

Hauptstr. 70

33397 Rietberg, Germany

T +49 (0)5244 93950-0