At AUTHENTICS, we believe that an environmental policy that encompasses sustainable action is obligatory. This is a factor that will continue to become ever more important over the years and as conditions on our planet worsen. Our commitment to innovation and new technologies enable us to make extensive use of materials and manufacturing techniques that are part of our optimisations. Our commitment to innovation and design is permanent and goes hand in hand with respect for our environment. We make our work as good as possible in order to satisfy our customers – and to protect our planet.




In accordance with the eco design concept, we design products in an environmentally friendly way. Currently, humans are consuming natural resources at an unsustainable rate. The facts clearly state that it is high time we considerably reduce our consumption in order to preserve nature for the future. Eco design is designed to create socially acceptable conditions and therefore preserve quality of life, it serves to safeguard and create permanent employment and it is a prerequisite for social and political stability.


Immediate improvements to a product are possible thanks to the cyclical concept of the design (reuse, recycling …), long product life, reduction in use of materials and energy and the avoidance of toxic materials. The products that we manufacture can be taken apart to separate the components. This means we can make sure that as many of our products as possible can be recycled. This is achieved through the careful selection of materials and limiting the number of materials used in each product. Making optimal improvements to each product also contributes to conserving materials and energy and making processing easier.




The AUTHENTICS environmental policy is based on the principle of sustainable development. Environmental issues are multifaceted and affect the economy and society in equal measure.


We see it as our clear responsibility and purpose to continuously improve the sustainability of our business processes based on national and international environmental laws and recommendations. We assess every reliable solution that comes our way in order to increase protection for humans and improve interaction with natural resources.




Humans are responsible for safeguarding the process of sustainable development in order to ensure that the requirements of today can be met without preventing future generations from being able to meet their own requirements




We are convinced that environmentally friendly product innovations will be an important element in our competitive strategy in future and will also be regarded by society as important. We need to make real progress in our goal of achieving sustainability.



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