URBAN GARDEN plant sack L


The plant sack made of coated textile fabric appears both casually natural and technologically functional. Planted with green plants, flowers or herbs, it can be neatly placed on tables, window sills, ledges and in niches without additional saucers. Thus, it converts all surroundings – conservatories or living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, lobbies and offices, showroom and trade fair booths, into a small garden. The plant sack can be easily and cleanly filled by simply opening the zipper. No dripping or leaks, because the water tight textile fabric is welded on all sides. The hexgonal base ensures stability. Plant sack with a 45-litre-volume for 24 to 34 cm diameter pot sizes. Including carrying aid. Suitable for all large plants, which are to be moved around.

Design Patrick Nadeau
Material polyester, PVC, felt
Dimensions H 45 cm, Ø 53 cm, Vol 45 l