Porcelain pieces, glassware and thermos jug all have basic geometric shapes, a trimmed down silhouette and a characteristic bend. The four colours of tableware are coordinated and combinable with one another. The sizes are modular so that plates fit as lids on the bowls, for instance. Each piece is sold separately.

Piu Vase 20

This mouth-blown glass vase can be used for larger flowers o...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 27.-
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Piu Thermos Jug 1 L

This rugged jug with the lean silhouette can be used for hot...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 39.-
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Piu Plate 27

With a diameter of 27 centimetres this plate is the largest ...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 12.-
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Piu Deep Plate 23

Deep porcelain plate with a diameter of 23 centimetres, grea...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 10.-
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Piu Plate 21

This large porcelain plate is suitable for breakfast, side d...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 9.-
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Piu Plate 15

This 15 centimetre flat porcelain plate functions as a sauce...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 5.-
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Piu Plate 12

The flat PIU porcelain plates are available in four sizes. W...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 3.-
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Piu Platte 15x34cm

With this rectangular porcelain platter you can tastefully s...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 21.-
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Piu Platte 26x32cm

Mid-sized rectangular porcelain platter that can be used as ...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 42.-
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Piu Small Bowl 11

Sugar, salt, olives, salsa or dessert: The small porcelain b...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 4.-
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Piu Small Bowl 14

Small porcelain bowl for snacks, sweets, chips, soups or des...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 5.-
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