Cooking and Dining


with Lid. Vol 0.25 l

Design: Shin Azumi

€ 19.50
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SNOWMAN Porcelain Bottle

large oil and vinegar bottle. Vol 0.225 l

Design: Shin Azumi

€ 19.50
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SNOWMAN Glass Small

Vol 0.15 l

Design: Shin Azumi

€ 7.50
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SNOWMAN Glass Large

Vol 0.2 l

Design: Shin Azumi

€ 8.50
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Smart Butter Dish, large

Keeps butter cool longer.

Design: Hansjerg Maier-Aichen

€ 29.50
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Piu Plate 27

With a diameter of 27 centimetres this plate is the largest ...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 12.-
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Piu Deep Plate 23

Deep porcelain plate with a diameter of 23 centimetres, grea...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 10.-
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Piu Plate 21

This large porcelain plate is suitable for breakfast, side d...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 9.-
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Piu Plate 15

This 15 centimetre flat porcelain plate functions as a sauce...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 5.-
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Piu Platte 15x34cm

With this rectangular porcelain platter you can tastefully s...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 21.-
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Piu Platte 26x32cm

Mid-sized rectangular porcelain platter that can be used as ...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 42.-
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Piu Small Bowl 11

Sugar, salt, olives, salsa or dessert: The small porcelain b...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 4.-
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Piu Bowl 20

This large porcelain bowl is just right for serving side dis...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 22.-
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