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Cooking and Dining


Rugged enough for outside, comfortable even at the dining ta...

Design: Matthew Hilton

€ 55.-


The wall clock with the exceptionally large diameter: stric...

Design: Constantin, Laurene Boym

€ 49.-
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Piu Platte 26x32cm

Mid-sized rectangular porcelain platter that can be used as ...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 42.-
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Table Stories Flat Plate 33 "Deer in Forest"

Very large plate with 33 cm diameter for the festively dress...

Design: Tord Boontje

€ 42.-
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Piu Thermos Jug 1 L

This rugged jug with the lean silhouette can be used for hot...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 39.-
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Piu Bowl 26

This 26 centimetre large porcelain bowl serves side dishes, ...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 37.-
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Split Time

The notches in the face allow the colourfulness of the back...

Design: Ed Carpenter

€ 30.-
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Table Stories Vase M

The mouth-blown vase comes in two sizes. They are great for ...

Design: Tord Boontje

€ 29.50
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The large opening allows for easy filling and exchanging of...

Design: Jean-Marie Massaud

€ 29.50
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Smart Butter Dish, large

Keeps butter cool longer.

Design: Hansjerg Maier-Aichen

€ 29.50
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Smart Double Bowl

White porcelain double bowl

Design: Konstantin Grcic

€ 29.50
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Table Stories Deep Plate 21 "Bunny Run"

Deep soup plate whose 21 cm diameter also works great for pa...

Design: Tord Boontje

€ 28.50
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Piu Vase 20

This mouth-blown glass vase can be used for larger flowers o...

Design: Patrick Frey

€ 27.-
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